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Discussion in 'Global Shop Help' started by Eric, Oct 29, 2013.

  1. Ayal

    Ayal New Member

    Same here machan...they are not responding to us..
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  2. cpBravo

    cpBravo Member

    yep.... They know how to give the customers a customer service experience that will NEVER FORGET!!!
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  3. Gopi

    Gopi Member

    Guys did you find anything? i found some one will see how capable he is to get some news from BIA.

    Now we can see how Kapruka ignoring us porously.

    Any updates on your status page ?
  4. Gopi

    Gopi Member

    02 months for our orders !
    Summary !

    Our phones are still at TRC to clear
    Namal and Taranga only works at Kapruka.
    Taranga is Missing and Namal cannot understand a single thing.

    thats's all i have to say !

    i will refund my money tomorrow !
  5. cpBravo

    cpBravo Member

    This is messed up :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:
  6. Got notifications from DHL saying broker notified to clear last night and this morning then a clearance delay again.
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  7. @Gopi Did you get a refund? How did that go?
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  8. Akalanka

    Akalanka New Member

    FYI ::
    one of the comment i found at
    "Warning to everyone: Kapruka Global Shop doesn't deliver items quickly as advertised. Normally they take 1-3 months. Never believe words of customer-care agents.
    They will tell that "your item is currently at customs clearing and get within next week", when its still at US.

    Google "kapruka global shop scam" you will find some victims of them."
    more comments
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  9. Akalanka

    Akalanka New Member

    CS: "Sir..your item has arrived & its with customs" [​IMG]
    ME: "When did it arrive ?"
    CS: Around October 25th sir"
    Me: Eh ? Its November 3rd now..what the hell did u do all this time ? why didnt u clear it ?
    CS: There were some delays with that shipment sir..We will clear it next week for sure [​IMG]
    ME: When..Next week ?
    CS: Most probably by Wednesday sir..
    ME: Sure ?
    CS: Definitely sir.. [​IMG]
    ME: OK if u say so.. (Was about to burst out laughing...Next ass[​IMG] )
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  10. Ranjana

    Ranjana Member

    Baalagiri Dhoshaya Ada Nemei HETA
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  11. cheesemonster

    cheesemonster New Member

    like i said earlier, we will get our devices just in time for sinhala aluth awurudda :D
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  12. Gopi

    Gopi Member

    They are refusing to do that. I’m going to visit them. I will keep update you all.
  13. Gopi

    Gopi Member

  14. Two days from this week have almost gone. :(
    Why do you do this to us @KaprukaGS ?
    I can remember that Seagull thing o_O
    At least they provided something till they vanished but Kapruka doesn't provide anything promptly.
    They are still there but the items we ordered have vanished. :mad:
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  15. I'm waiting to see this in my status page.
    This person has paid for his phone on 29th and picked up yesterday. Even his shipment has arrived on January 2nd and ready to pick up within 5 days?
    Why early customers like us are not treated well? :(:eek:
    Even Namal hasn't seen this given away to a customer.
    The screenshot is now removed.
    As the screenshot has now removed it said - Paid on Nov 29th, Added to shipment on Dec 12th/13th, Arrived to Sri Lanka on Jan 2nd, Picked on Jan 7th
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  16. cpBravo

    cpBravo Member

  17. chamara Harindra

    chamara Harindra Active Member

    can't we get a confirmation that the shipments really have arrived to SL and they are in customs. i mean with a help of an internal source in customs?because kapruka may be lying to us and devices may be not in SL.
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  18. cpBravo

    cpBravo Member

    me and a friend is working on it now... but might take some time coz we dont know any details on who cleared the shipment, or under whos name the shipment arrived, the exact dates of arrival and so on.....
    But right now we are trying to find if any nexus 5 phone has been really passed through TRCL
  19. Ranjana

    Ranjana Member

    Thank you @cpBravo
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  20. They will release phones today as I got an update from Kapruka and from @Rasitha Rathnayaka but not sure.
    And Thanks for looking at those issues @cpBravo
    Please update us when you find anything about TRCL thing.
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